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September 2009
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the_black_ship [userpic]

though the layoff between posts was much longer than i'd like, and progress was unfortunately interrupted, work continues. for your reading pleasure, the items of progress:

* the engine hoist and stand were assembled, and the engine sits ready to be lifted onto the stand.

* a real shop light and a handheld spotlight were purchased, making late-night garage work much more do-able.

* both front quarter-panels have been removed, allowing greater access to the suspension-y bits and exposing the frame for rust removal and treatment.

* new upper control arms were purchased, and if all goes to plan installation will be this week.

* a step-by-step critical-path timeline was created. it is flexible of course, but at least i now have a roadmap where i can take a step at a time and feel like progress is being made cohesively and intelligently.

here are the next few steps in the plan:

tonight (i hope) i will have some assistance in removing the clutch. in order to do this, the flywheel's ring gear must be held in place while the clutch's pressure plate bolts are turned. you either need an eighty-two dollar part from Honda or a beefy dude with a crowbar to help you accomplish this. beefy dude is on standby. once the clutch is off, the engine will go on the engine stand. a thorough cleaning of the engine will take place--degreasing, scouring, washing of the exterior, and an oil flush of the interior to make sure all the gunk, dirt, dust, and grime is out.

the upper control arms will be sanded down and modified to fit the chassis (which, itself, will have to be lightly modified for clearance's sake). then all of the front suspension bits will be detached, degreased, de-rusted, cleaned, and repainted. optionally, i would like to replace all of the front suspension bushings at this point, but money may make that acquisition difficult.

once the front suspension is reassembled, the front wheel needs to be mounted. wheel? yes, wheel. one of the steel stockers the black ship was rolling on left me with my wrecked '91 prelude si. therefore, a new one must be sourced by this point; that shouldn't be difficult or expensive. once the front wheels are mounted, the car can be rolled out of the garage, and some serious garage cleanup and re-organizing can occur. moreover, i will be able to roll it back into the middle of the garage, and have plenty of space on all sides to complete this project.

that's it for now. updates will be fast and fantastic from here on out.

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