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September 2009
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the_black_ship [userpic]
suspension troubles

last night the drivers' side front damper (spring/shock) assembly was sucessfully removed. also, three of four bolts holding in the drivers' side upper control arm were removed. one rusted, frozen, difficult-to-reach self-locking nut is the difference between the driver's side upper control arm being attached and being detached.

despite falling *just* short of my goal for the evening, i was very very pleased to see such progress made. tonight i hope to get both dampers and both UCAs uninstalled from the car. at that point i will be able to scrub, scour, degrease, clean, and repaint all of the front suspension bits--spring/shock, steering hub and knuckle, control arms, tie bars, sway bar, etc. meanwhile, the search for the tool needed to get all the pressure plate bolts off is underway. it should be an extremely inexpensive score, again assuming it can be found.

excitement is building, because the amount of remaining destructive grunt work is shrinking quickly. once the suspension has been completely disassembled and the clutch and flywheel taken off, and all the hoses/wires/etc. have been detached, then all the real bodywork that needs to be done can begin. grinding off all of the rust ensuring the future of the car. reparing old damage, replacing corroded clamps and rusting bolts. renewing, restoring, rejuvenating. beginning the real work that will transform this slowly decaying pile of metal, rubber, glass, plastic, and cloth into a living, breathing, revving, vibrant machine.

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