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September 2009
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the_black_ship [userpic]
engine on stand . . . for now

last night, the clutch was finally removed from the flywheel. this was great news, as it made it possible to mount the engine on the engine stand. in my haste to see if mounting the engine on the stand could be done, i did it--but i shouldn't have. the flywheel still has to come off, and that will be extremely difficult; again requiring the assistance of morning_bell. so, to sum up, the engine is finally on the stand, but it will be coming off shortly. in the meantime, the extra space will be used to clean up and reorganize the garage. between buying parts, housecleaning, and general accumulation, the garage is once again filthy and overflowing. further, car parts i had squirreled away are now needed, and old garage-junk things floating around the garage need to be squirreled away. i want to pull out all the car parts and catalog them, so i know exactly what i have and do not have. further, cataloging their condition will help me round out the project plan from this point forward. once all that is done, and the garage is clean and organized, the grinding, stripping, cleaning, and scouring can begin in earnest.

even though progress is coming slowly, and in fits and starts, it is surprising how quickly things are coming along overall. for the longest time the black ship sat and rusted, while every few months i would make a great show of, say, moving some parts to the other side of the garage. now i am really and truly actually working on this car, and it is exciting to see.

every day i picture myself getting behind the wheel, turning the key, and hearing her fire up. i remember with fondess the looks and nods she drew at stoplights. i think about my daily commute, taking the onramps and offramps with the VTEC at full song, the throaty buzz ripping through the exhaust and the wind rushing through the open windows and sunroof. i think about autocrossing and track days, i think about the satisfaction of having completed the journey, and i think about the confidence and skills i'm acquiring that will last me the rest of my life.

every day, i think about that day, and it keeps me hungry.

Current Mood: creativecreative
Current Music: steve vai - air guitar hell