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September 2009
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the_black_ship [userpic]
116 weeks since last entry

oh dear. it appears as though i have been . . . lax in updating this journal. this is only partially due to being lax in working on the car.

i have assembled the engine stand, removed the flywheel, and fully mounted the engine upon it. I have degreased several of the suspension components. i have acquired a real rolling toolchest, and partially stocked it. I have begun the interior teardown. i, perhaps foolishly, also began to de-loom the wiring harness and separate it from the engine bay.

i fear that corrosion is taking its toll on the chassis and some of the parts. my garage swells with bikes, wagons, old refrigerators and also a piano. i now have three small children, the eldest of which just began school. a honda odyssey has joined the vibe--now my daily driver--in my driveway. my free time has many demands.

this build has stalled again . . . but i will not let it die.