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September 2009
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the_black_ship [userpic]
BIG update

last night saw the complete removal of both front dampers and upper control arms, finally. even more good news comes in the form of pictorial proof!

the front drivers' side wheel well:

if there was any doubt in the value of stripping the car completely down first:

there you go. imagine what a waste it would be to build up the engine and interior and then let this body cancer eat the car from the inside out. i am attempting to do a full-on restoration of this vehicle, so that it can be a blast to drive and surprise the hell out of people for another fifteen or twenty years.

one damper out . . . looks terrible

both dampers and both upper control arms out!

and the passenger side shot:

now this is not good. don't use tow straps to pick up engine blocks! go buy an engine balancer instead. if i were not dirt poor, that is what i'd do.

fortunately honda engine blocks only weigh about two hundred pounds, so i am in no danger.

finally, one of the tried-and-true sayings amongst car guys is "Speed costs money. How fast do you want to go?" i hope to prove that speed can be bought with blood, too.

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