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September 2009
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the_black_ship [userpic]

last night, i removed the front brake calipers and rotors from both sides. the next step was to remove the lower ball joint from the steering knuckle . . . ordinarily a little difficult. fortunately there are several 'tricks' well known in the Honda community to remove this ball joint. unfortunately, most of them assume that the upper suspension is still attached, and that the axle(which is held by the knuckle)'s far end is plugged into the tranmission. unfortunately, niether is the case, and so none of the 'tricks' work either. also, in the process, i damaged the ball joint boot (which is a negligble expense, but still . . .).

at that point i decided i should simply remove the entire lower control arm, with knuckle and axle dragging along with it. i removed the steering rod and antiroll bar from the passenger side LCA, and had a go at removing the one bolt holding the LCA/knuckle/axle to the frame. the bolt was willing to move, but getting access to the nut on the other side proved difficult. the clock said 12:30am, and i went to bed defeated.

tonight, i will remove that bolt, and then take out the whole assembly. then, i will repeat the feat on the other side--LCA/knuckle/axle removed entirely. with luck, i'll remove the antiroll bar and start a little bit of work on the engine bay.

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